Lessons Learnt From eLearning

The time old methods of classroom teaching are long established. The more recent innovation of eLearning, is becoming ever more popular, but what do we know about the efficacy of the learning outcomes?

Compounded by rapidly changing mobile technology, RTOs have been through a massive shift throughout COVID. Now the dust has settled we need to take stock and review our delivery models to align technology to generate better learner outcomes.

This session is for anyone that has an interest in the use of technology to support their learner experience. We’ll be considering what we are trying to achieve, what that actually means for the learner and possible ways to optimise these objectives.

Key topics covered in this webinar:

  • Defining eLearning
  • Establishing objectives of eLearning
  • Delving into what is learning
  • The brain’s role in learning
  • Reviewing research that show better methods
  • Collaborative discussion around putting it into practice

At the end of the webinar, you will step away with consideration to put your objectives and knowledge into practice for more impactful learning experiences.

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