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Running an RTO is complex. Cloud Assess simplifies this by providing you with technology and premium service so you can streamline your process and create exceptional student experiences.

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RTO Efficiency

As an RTO there is an obligation to keep an audit trail to prove compliance. Traditionally this has been achieved on paper.

There are many drawbacks to paper including the cost and time to print, collate, post, file, process, scan, upload, retain and destroy.

Cloud Assess is a truly paperless solution for RTOs. Everything can be performed through an electronic device whether you prefer to conduct your assessment online, face-to-face or with a blended model, you can do it all with Cloud Assess.

RTO Efficiency
RTO Efficiency- Solutions


Online assessment

Seamlessly manage assessments from authoring through to conducting, marking and reporting. With secure user roles, your team and students access the information they need in an intuitive interface.

Never lose a file

Every assessment record is effortlessly retained forever with a full visual and exportable timeline, designed to keep auditors off your back. Years after an assessment is done and dusted, you’ll know when it was created, issued, submitted, saved, opened, marked etc.

Information at your finger tips

Stats, dashboard, timeline are just a few tools you can use to keep track. You can even export data to Excel to give you the insight you need to make business decisions.

Let it flow!

Provide a consistent and automated experience for all of your users, raising efficiencies and managing compliance obligations.

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Customer reviews

We have used Cloud Assess for the last 6 years and they have been great. Cloud Assess ensures our students can study their courses using the latest technology and user experiences, allowing us to focus on delivery of the content.

Chris Weier
Fit Education

The only way to train and assess. 

Karen Plowman

Cloud Assess is a very well thought out, innovative and user friendly software program that makes online assessment a breeze! The staff are knowledgeable and passionate about their product and their help centre support is outstanding. An absolute asset to any RTO.

Rebecca Wells
Bradford Institute of Advanced Education

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Cloud Assess.

Tracy Kearney
Tracy Kearney

Customer Service is outstanding, the system is easy to use for everyone - best decision we’ve made.

Alison Weeks
All Saints Anglican College

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