Cloud Assess Wins Gold Coast Business Excellence Award

The Cloud Assess team were honoured to receive the Award for IT and Digital Business from the prestigious Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

Sponsored by Griffith University, the IT and Digital Business Award recognises businesses demonstrating outstanding knowledge management-based, information technology products and services.


Rob Bright, Managing Director stated, “We’re honoured to have received such a prestigious award and would like to thank all the panellists, our clients and team. We are driven to continue to lead the online training and assessment space for vocational education.”

Last year Cloud Assess were recognised for their innovation in the Vocational Education and Training sector having created a solution through new technologies to improve the effectiveness of outcomes for their clients. 

Industry Step Change

For many years the VET sector was the forgotten child of technology with systems being used that were not fit-for-purpose. A complex industry with many compliance requirements to adhere to, the process of collecting assessment evidence, both knowledge and performance, were carried out across multiple systems and with paper.

This process would be convoluted and take huge amounts of time printing, processing, scanning and storing (or losing) important documents. 

Cloud Assess is an online solution that removes the traditional ways to gather evidence, conduct assessment and more. RTOs can achieve enrolment through to completion of assessment all in the one platform and with any device.

Do More With Less

Cloud Assess simplifies the learner journey eliminating the need for paper and the burdens of the administrative process that comes with it, but also removes the lead time between each part of the training and assessment process that a student goes through. For example, a student can receive instant feedback from their assessor via the Messaging functionality and automation. Assessors no longer need to carry big heavy bags of records with them and instead use a computer, tablet or even a phone. 

Rob states, “We’ve seen the evolution from paper-based assessment to online assessment have a huge impact on the productivity of our clients with one RTO automating over 300,000 tasks in less than a year.”


By digitising the assessment process the rate at which assessments can be deployed and completed is phenomenal. With 4 assessments completed per second, Cloud Assess is saving RTOs time and allowing them to scale exponentially. Read more in this customer story.

Sustainability Drive

The advantages of using Cloud Assess do not only include huge gains in efficiency, tighter controls on compliance, low costs to enable growth but also have a greater impact on the environment. The amount of paper that RTOs save is significant, for example, one RTO is saving 45 tonnes of paper a year which is a saving of 315 tonnes through their entire 7 year retention cycle. Read more on sustainability here.

When receiving the award, Rob stated, “As the platform is built for the Vocational Education and Training industry, receiving this award and reflecting on the benefits is not only significant for Cloud Assess and the team but the industry as a whole as well.”

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