Cloud Assess Wins Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for Innovation

Gold Coast Business Excellence Award

Cloud Assess were honoured to receive the Mayors Award for Innovation at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards ceremony at Bond University this month.

Sponsored by City of Gold Coast, The Mayor’s Innovation GC Award accolades businesses that have applied innovation through new knowledge, technologies, methodologies or processes to improve the effectiveness or quality of outcomes for their clients. 

Managing Director Rob Bright states, “It is an absolute honour to receive this award. Many thanks to the organisers, judging panel and sponsors. We will continue to innovate within the Vocational Education and Training sector as our goal is to keep the passion alive for all those Trainers, Assessors and RTO Managers out there trying to up-skill the Australian Market.”

If you work in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector you would understand the role that paper has played traditionally throughout the assessment process.

Whether you have needed to create assessments, gather and retain evidence, collaborate with students, assessors or trainers, huge amounts of time can be spent printing, processing, scanning and storing (or losing) important documents. 

Cloud Assess is an online solution that removes the traditional ways to gather evidence and conduct assessment and more. RTOs can achieve enrolment through to completion of assessment all in the one platform.

Since 2013 the team have worked tirelessly to bring the sector a solution that is practical, reliable and flexible that does not cost a fortune to operate. The team does not rest on their laurels and is continuously innovating with new and improved features and functionality for their customers including automation, revision control, assessment design, and more.

Rob states, “The VET sector has long sought a technology to enable RTOs to better manage their learner journey without the complexities of paper and multiple disconnected systems. We are a best in breed solution for RTOs to have a product that is tailored specifically for them and their needs with no unnecessary bells and whistles.” 

Cloud Assess have seen the evolution from paper-based assessment to online assessment have a huge impact on the productivity of their clients with one RTO automating over 300,000 tasks in less than a year.

The advantages of using Cloud Assess do not only include huge gains in efficiency, tighter controls on compliance, low costs to enable growth but also have a greater impact on the environment. The amount of paper that RTOs save is significant, for example, one RTO is saving 45 tonnes of paper a year which is a saving of 315 tonnes through their entire 7 year retention cycle. Since Cloud Assess began its operation their clients have saved 1,000,000KG of paper, increasing their sustainability significantly. When you consider the impact of paper production, that means a saving of:

  • 16,000 trees
  • 24,400,000L of water
  • 1,360,000KGs of Carbon Dioxide

As the platform is built for the Vocational Education and Training industry it is not only a milestone for Cloud Assess but the industry as a whole too.

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