Win In The Fight For Talent

The world of work has changed forever and employee demands are evolving rapidly. As a result, the fight for talent is fiercer than ever before. Businesses must adapt to this changing landscape fast to remain competitive.

Employee training is key to countering this challenge. An effective upskilling strategy can boost business performance, reduce staff turnover, and speed up onboarding processes.

To learn more about what makes the modern deskless worker tick and help you develop training strategies that will engage this invaluable talent pool, we surveyed over 1000 deskless workers and managers to provide the insights you need to stay ahead.

A few stats:

  • 86% of HR Managers felt their training could be improved
  • 1/2 HR Managers and deskless workers felt that COVID  worsened access to training
  • 2/3 Deskless workers state that training opportunities have a strong connection to their loyalty.

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Deskless worker report

The Demands of the Deskless Worker - Industry Report 2022

What people are saying...

This report offers powerful insights and practical tips on the importance of the development of our deskless workforce. A must-read for anyone in HR or Training.

Claudia Dilley
People Manager

This report really hits home with how we should be nailing effective training for our deskless workforce.

Rob Bright