> VET Enrolment Trends: How Are We Powering Brighter Futures?

VET Enrolment Trends: How Are We Powering Brighter Futures?

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The latest stats from NCVER are in and they shine a light on the current trends around enrolment. Whilst there are fewer VET enrolments overall, it appears that there’s been an increase in government-funded students in a shift towards short courses. A total of 3.9 million students enrolled in nationally recognised vocational education and training in 2020, a decline of 6.4% from 2019.

Source: https://www.ncver.edu.au/research-and-statistics/publications/all-publications/total-vet-students-and-courses-2020

This blog dives deeper to explore this, while looking at the what, who and how that’s influencing enrolments in VET and how you can keep up with the trends.


Without a doubt, funding shapes enrolment paths and requirements. It has been written about over the decades and debated as to whether mechanisms are fair. In general, it can be said that where there is a skills shortage, funding is made available and is particularly important as we enter a time where recruitment of overseas talent is almost impossible (unless they can work remotely).

JobTrainer pumped $1.5 billion into keeping those already in apprenticeships and traineeships employed.

User Chose, Skills First and Smart & Skilled have continued to offer training providers funding aligned to the skills needs within each state. Each funding package have a different set of rules and reporting measures for training providers to follow.

National Skills commission Australian have published this report that takes you through where the majority of jobs are.

VET Enrolment

Source: https://www.nationalskillscommission.gov.au/jobs-industry

Delivering training within these industries will have a direct link to supporting industry and creating jobs and a knock on effect to enrolments.

However, there is still a need for fee-for-service training that is supporting companies and learners in bridging skills gaps and maintaining currency.

Engaging Online

A large proportion of VET enrolments come from the demographic group of 16-24 year olds, aka the upper end of Gen Z. It’s no secret that Gen Z are online; however, knowing how and when to connect with them online is key to influencing enrolments. This generation needs to be communicated to differently than the generations before, and are “hanging out” in different locations.

In a recent Cloud Assess webinar with Year13’s CEO Will Stubley, the message was clear… attract and engage online without disruption.

They suggest to look for ways to have meaningful interactions or conversations. A good way to do this is through content marketing, for example blogging or creating webinars etc.

Look to create a value exchange. For example, if you are hosting an open day and you want them to come – what are you going to give them? Make sure your messaging spells this out.

Interestingly, Year13 research found that Gen Z do not like talking on the phone (even though they may use a phone more than any other generation before). They prefer messaging, email and online forms. It’s this great insight that will help us communicate effectively to this cohort.

In addition, to power these conversations with this demographic, we must tap into the eco-system around them. This ensure they have a well rounded view of VET and dispels any myths that parents might have in choosing it as a pathway. With strong signs that VETiS is picking up across Australia, we may see an increase in enrolments within this demographic group in the coming years.

Flexible Enrolment

As we enter the digital age, there’s a world of possibilities available to support the enrolment of students into Vocational Education and Training with the flexibility that digital enrolment forms bring.

As reform and funding shapes enrolment, it’s fair to say enrolment forms need to be rapidly and easily adaptable. We can also see that for each state there are different funding requirements and there is no one size fits all! In addition, with the popping up of short courses to gap skill you may want a student to complete a short enrolment form on the day and not spend an hour completing and uploading information that might be on your generic forms.

Reaching out to the growing demographic with flexible forms to suit their requirements will prevent barriers to entry.

The Cloud Assess Enrolment Engine is just that, flexible! The cutting edge feature is unique and where most Learning Management Systems fall short. We listened to customer feedback and enhanced our old enrolment solution to become super flexible and give the ability to push relevant AVETMISS data to a number of Student Management Systems (SMS).

The Enrolment Engine is a space where you can design and build any enrolment form required and then effortlessly present on your website for your customers. Not only that but you can streamline your entire enrolment process with workflows and integration to your SMS.

In summary, the sector is powering brighter futures through reform, engaging online and using technology to support the ever changing landscape. With the technology available today training providers can easily create a compliant, streamlined and accessible process for their learners.

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