Feature Update: Unit Outcomes for VET

  • By: Helen Baker

  • 7 February ‘18

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New year, new features! There have been a lot of exciting updates in the pipeline over the last few months and here is one that we are excited to share with you, Unit Resulting Outcomes.

Unit Outcomes can now be configured and aligned with the terminology you use in your RTO. For example, instead of a simple mark of satisfactory or not satisfactory, you can now mark a unit in line with requirements, i.e. RPL Granted. This makes for efficient reporting and integration with your Student Management System.

Unit Outcomes


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Unit Outcomes

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Mark Matthews
Sydney Theatre School



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Cloud Assess can be accessed across all devices. You can even work offline.


Free upgrades, new features and support

The Unit Resulting Outcomes is a new feature but does not involve a charge to clients. The software comes with unlimited technical support with 98% of support requests attended to within 2 minutes. As the industry led cloud based assessment software for RTOs we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the Vocational Education and Training Industry. To read more about Cloud Assess and the ethos behind the app read the following software as a service guide:




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