Love to Ride App Review

  • By: Deanna Imfeld

  • 21 February ‘16

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We love being able to share knowledge and information through technology apps, not just for assessment and the VET sector but in pretty much everything we do.  When we heard Love to Ride had an app, we immediately downloaded and logged in. To keep up with the spirit of cycling this month, we wanted to share with you the reasons we rate this app and encourage everyone participating to download it!

It’s so easy to use

Keeping track of your rides has never been so simple. When logging your ride you can either log the ride as you are cycling in real time or manually after you have already ridden. This is a great option for those who enjoy leaving their phones at home and just enjoying the ride.


Already have a ride-tracking app? No Problem!

Since Love to Ride is only for November, many people use other apps for tracking their riding, which can make it difficult to remember logging the rides. Well, there’s a solution! The great thing about this app is that it connects with other apps that you are already using. So if you use Strava, MapMyRide, Ride Report or a few other apps, you can connect them straight to Love to Ride where it will automatically log as you ride using the other apps.


We love a good graphic

Everything about the app is sleek and beautiful. The logo at the top and the home page with the icons telling your stats for riding are all well thought out and pleasing to look at. When using the app as you ride, a nice map comes up with an easy to see path of where you are going. 















This app is everything you need to beat your goals this Love to Ride season. Make sure you connect with the app here.

We just wish that Love to Ride was all year! Check out our blog for reasons why.

To check the leader board click here and if you are not taking part you can always encourage others along the way.


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