Paperless assessment for RTOs to create a sustainable future

  • By: Helen Baker

  • 14 February ‘19

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Paperless assessment

2019 kicked off with a feeling of warmth as we visited the AKF and presented them with a thought-felt donation to support our quest for a more sustainable Australia. 

We were excited to share with Deborah Tabart and Aaron Webber how we have been calculating the paper savings (you) our customers have been achieving. They were staggered to see the benefits of bringing a paperless solution to the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Managing Director, Rob Bright states, “Paperless assessment is the future for RTOs as it decreases costs, increases efficiency and creates a more sustainable future.” 

paperless assessment

We will continue to support the AKF in any way we can but most importantly in spreading the word on how easy it can be for everyone to make a difference with the actions they take.

As such, we are teaming up with the AKF to celebrate your amazing contribution to working paperless and towards a more sustainable Australia. More on this to come.

The money that Cloud Assessors have donated has gone towards the Koala Manifesto. This will be published over the coming months. Deborah states in her journal, “I have a feeling this book is going to change Australia’s future forever.”

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