Meet the newest member of the UK team, Konrad

Meet Konrad Schmidt the Legendary Senior Account Exec for Cloud Assess’s UK team

Friendly, sincere and outgoing are some words to describe our newest recruit to the UK team. Konrad Schmidt is the Senior Account Executive for the Partnerships team. He certainly knows his stuff when it comes to training technology and working with businesses to find the right solution for them.

We thought we’d get to know Konrad better and perhaps reveal a side to him you’d only find out in this 60-second interview:

1. Tell us about your role at Cloud Assess:

My role at Cloud Assess is to acquire new business, as I consult and promote the unique features that assist organisations to become more efficient and paperless in running their training programs and assessments.

2. What inspires you about the Vocational Education and Training sector?

It’s inspiring for me to be involved in the development and training of the labour force by providing a user-friendly platform for both learners and assessors.

3. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I’d be quite keen to acquire a pilot license, as I do believe in the near future that private individuals will have easier access to such. My father had acquired his license back in his day and I happened to make friends with a pilot recently. It must be quite an adrenaline rush compared to skiing 🙂

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d like to visit the USA as most of my family reside there from my mum’s side. There are also many interesting places like the grand canyon and other major cities and sites I’d like to see.

5. What’s your favourite activity?

I like watching documentaries, as I feel they bring greater knowledge to the amazing world we live in. Many years ago I would regularly attend a meetup group that would screen a variety of different and interesting documentaries brought by individuals including myself. It was great to have snacks, while afterwards having discussions often with new like-minded people.

6. What is your personal philosophy?

My personal philosophy is to always be honest and treat others the way you would want to be treated.

7. Tell us something that might surprise us about you:

I have jumped off a ledge some 21 meters down at a place called Suicide Gorge with a bunch of friends. I clearly remember the moment chanting oddly like a Cherokee to build up my courage before making the jump into the water below. I have a video as proof. 🙂

8. What is Online Assessment to you?

Online assessment has aided my career in being able to do online courses that I felt would help me progress further within my current career path.

9. What’s your favourite feature in Cloud Assess?

“Record Deploy” seems to be an LMS industry first and a significant and necessary feature, as being able to update already published assessments removes painful and manual processes. This
feature clearly displays the attitude Cloud Assess has of going above and beyond the industry standard.

10. What’s the best thing about working for Cloud Assess?

It is something major that I have not experienced before and that would be the support given to their staff, whether through providing equipment or making the starting phase that much more pleasant.

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