Lite Release to Support SMEs Digitise Training & Assessment

Lite Release to Support SMEs Digitise Training & Assessment

Leading provider of digital training and assessment solutions for ‘deskless’ workers, Cloud Assess, has launched a new package offering designed to support small businesses in revolutionising their staff training and fast-track their digital transformation. It will also be the perfect package for Registered Training Organisations in Australia who are looking for an off-the-shelf solution at a competitive price that supports their compliance requirements.

The first product of its kind for small businesses in deskless industries – such as construction, hospitality and retail – which are often overlooked by traditional learning management systems, Cloud Assess Lite will allow SMEs to effectively upskill their workforce whilst reducing time spent on admin.

Just like Cloud Assess’s solution for larger businesses, the new software incorporates the findings from hundreds of scientific studies into effective, long-term learning for vocational workers and promotes a sustained, practical approach to training which is proven to maximise impact.

The software allows employees to progress through a learning journey via a range of trackable interactions and activities which have been designed to complement vital in-person training. This includes uploading videos, creating evidence portfolios, and completing log books.
Plus, it digitizes many of the processes required of employers to support this learning, helping businesses move away from time-consuming, costly paper-based processes. Assessors can conduct and record coaching sessions, track performance, and carry out observations digitally, freeing up their time to focus on delivering all-important practical training.

Rob Bright, Founder and CEO at Cloud Assess, said: “Inclusivity is one of our core values and we believe that all companies should have access to fit-for-purpose training and development software, regardless of their size. Our research shows that small businesses want the ability to operate paper-free and collaborate with their employees who are undertaking training, so we have developed a solution that allows them to do this at an affordable price.

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“At a time when skilled workers are in short supply, the ability to upskill and reskill staff efficiently and effectively has never been so important and we are delighted to be making this possible for small businesses across the UK via our Cloud Assess Lite offering.”
To find out more about Cloud Assess Lite, have a free trial or talk to one of our friendly team members today.

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