Meet Peki, Our Queen of Talent Acquisition

employee talent manager

Nothing at Cloud Assess would be possible without our incredible team, and Upeksha is at the heart of this critical component. With a background in Industrial Relation law, Peki has a wealth of experience when it comes to knowing which people are best suited for different roles. Whether new recruits or existing employees, Peki always leaves people feeling welcome and excited to join our team. In this interview, we asked her 10 questions to find out a bit more about her role and personal life.

1. Tell us about your role at Cloud Assess:

As the Talent Manager, my role is to drive the people strategy for the organisation to boost capability, capacity and culture. 

2. What inspires you about workplace training? 

I’ve always been inspired by organisational cultures that foster continuous learning and strive towards developing a growth mindset in their employees. Workplace training is fundamental in enabling this and through my previous roles, I have witnessed the direct impact this yields on not only the company but also the growth of the employee. 

3. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Skydiving! It would be a nice (certainly extreme) way to conquer my fear of heights!

4. What’s your favourite saying?

Perception drives reality. 

5. What’s your favourite activity?

Singing. Growing up, music and the theatre have always had a very special place in my life. 

6. Other than Cloud Assess (of course) what’s your favourite app and why?

Spotify! Music helps me unwind and I love the algorithm on the app. 

7. Tell us something that might surprise us about you:

I can speak five languages. I am still brushing up on the fifth one! 

8. What is online assessment to you?

It facilitates process simplification and increased efficiency in an organisation’s journey to create a future-fit workforce and drive growth. 

9. What’s your favourite feature in Cloud Assess?

I actually have two! I find the On-The-Job-Training feature to be absolutely fantastic. It empowers Training/Learning & Development Managers in a practical workplace to carry out workplace training with much greater ease and efficiency. Couple this with the Compliance feature and you have a game changer in the space of workplace skills which enables you to be audit ready at any given time! 

10. What’s the best thing about working for Cloud Assess?

It would definitely be the team! As a values-based company that is founded on care, I genuinely feel that the spirit of Cloud Assess is embodied through its people. The authenticity, passion and energy within the team are truly infectious! I am geared up for the exciting ride ahead of us!

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