How to complete the gaps in SuccessFactors Learning for non-desktop workers.

SuccessFactors Learning can be limited in capability when it comes to workplace training and assessment, where mobility, flexibility and ease of access are important.

Cloud Assess sets itself apart in its capability to manage workplace training and assessment. Our intuitive 2-click experiences engage learners in the workforce, paving the way for positive training outcomes and enhanced employee satisfaction.

In this white paper, you'll discover:

  • How to drastically increase learning assessments and training outcomes
  • How Macmahon reduced their reportable incidents by 25%
  • How a Cloud Assess client increased training engagement by 300%
  • What integrating Coud Assess with SuccessFactors Learning does for your workplace training & assessment

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SuccessFactors White Paper

Why SAP SuccessFactors needs Cloud Assess - White Paper 2023

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Great way to manage assessment without all the paperwork.