> Feature Update – Flexible and Empowering Journeys

Feature Update – Flexible and Empowering Journeys

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Feature Update – Flexible and Empowering Training Journeys


We’ve all been told that it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey…and in this instance, we’d have to agree! Coming soon to Cloud Assess, “Journeys” is going to change the way you define and manage Learner Experiences. Whether you want to map out a short course or a 3-year Apprenticeship, you’ll be able to define a training pathway to minimise manual tasks and maximise learner outcomes. You will have complete control over how a learner progresses through their accredited learning or workplace training.

What can we expect with Learner Journeys?

Creating Journeys



  • Flexibility to group and sequence activities from across different units to create the most logical and seamless flow for your learners
  • Use “Stages” to group your content
  • Easier control over which activities should be included in an Intake
  • Ability to create as many Journeys as you need to address unique scenarios

Presenting Journeys

presenting journeys


  • Learners only see the flow you put together
  • Administrators can view either by Stages or the traditional Units



  • Schedule activities in the Journey to release or assign due dates dynamically based on activities such as “completion” of a previous activity
  • Ability to automate the “unreleasing” of activities
  • Clevely automate the completion of units when all related activities are completed

Stay tuned for more information, live demos and more.

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