> A Guide to Going Paperless for RTOs

A Guide to Going Paperless for RTOs

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We’ve all heard it, using paper has a direct impact on the environment. However, are we doing enough to minimise our carbon footprint? It would appear not. Despite campaigns like Clean Up Australia and Earth Day, our expected use of paper is expected to rise, and with it carbon dioxide pollution. You can actively do something to offset this by going paperless and becoming a sustainable RTO. The stats below are cringeworthy, but what if we all made a concerted effort and did our bit for the environment and the climate we live in?


We spoke to some of our suppliers who said that they are always looking for new ways to work smarter and avoid wasting paper. We have put together a visual guide to show how you as an individual can adopt the smallest of green changes.


At Cloud Assess we have helped RTOs avoid wasting 1,000,000 kg of paper so far. Contact us to find out how our online assessment tool can help you avoid the burden of paperwork and reduce your carbon footprint.

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